One thing you must do to outsource your development successfully

One thing you must do to outsource your development successfully


The world has become a truly remarkable place. You can now easily connect with talented developers anywhere in the world. The tools are available to make your development team’s day span 24 hours if you choose, slashing project delivery times.

So why are there so many stories of ‘offshoring’ gone wrong?

Offshoring or outsourcing can work, but you can’t just pass off your work and hope for the best. That will almost always fail. The secret to outsourcing your development work successfully is:

treat the developer like they are working at the desk next to you.

If you were to hire new staff or a contractor to complete the work and put them at the desk next to you, you would:

  • Ask them how they are doing at least once every day
  • See and review their work as they are developing on it
  • Have them explain something to you if you don’t understand it

Also, if the project started to go off the rails, you couldn’t hide from it. Make sure you have the hard conversations if things get hard!

It is so easy to communicate effectively with someone in the same room. You need to work a little harder to make sure you are communicating with someone timezones away. Just asking ‘what would I do if they were sitting next to me’ will help you make the right decision about how often to communicate.

And remember – just like when hiring staff – not everyone is going to work out. You need to be able to realise that someone is not a fit and make a change quickly. Trust your gut and don’t be afraid to wrap it up and look for someone new.

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