This Week in Titanium Mobile Development: 31 Oct 2011

This Week in Titanium Mobile Development: 31 Oct 2011

This is all the Titanium Mobile development news I’ve gathered from the Twittersphere and Interwebs for the past week.


The news filling up the Twitter stream today is that Appcelerator Raises $15 Million for continued expansion.

Titanium Mobile SDK 1.7.4 was released yesterday. There may be some problems with App.Properties so expect to hear more on this.

Titanium Studio 1.0.6 was also released with bug fixes around debugging and other fixes. Update from within Titanium Studio to get the latest.

The Appcelerator team redid the Titanium documentation and it is now available on wiki. A really good job by them.

Appcelerator Platform Engineering gave us a Sneak Peek at 1.8.0 which should be ready for release later this year. V8 baby! You can start accessing it in the continuous builds if you want to live on the edge!

Appcelerator Community Support Engineer Anthony Decena gave a recap of his trip ‘down under’ to Web Directions South in Sydney, Australia.

Tips gave a little script on how to version a database to know if you need to update it.

Tony Lukasavage keeps Forging Titanium with Episode 12: Titanium & Date.js. This gives a good example of commonJS usage.

Writing modules? The Module Development Guide Reference has been updated to include Android to make your life easier.

Kevin Whinnery give us a How-To: Create a JavaScript module for CommonJS, Ti.include, or the browser on the Appcelerator developers  blog.

I gave a run down on App.Properties vs SQLite on Titanium Mobile.


Thanksgiving Menu Maker from Fine Cooking for iOS. Anyone hungry?

If you’ve got any news, tips, or apps I’ve missed, please leave them in the comments below!



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  1. Sharry says:

    Thanks for the updates Jeff. Problem with the updated Titanium wiki link buddy.

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